Some existing open-source projects that I worked on with other people for work, or as personal side-projects.

💼 Work projects:

  • Silicon Valley Insight – JSON import Block for Airtable – written in Typescript, uses Airtable’s powerful Blocks feature to allow importing of JSON files
  • Juwai – Zask – a framework for ZeroRPC and SQLAlchemy inspired by Flask

💻 Personal projects:

  • Bantayread post here – a lightweight observability platform for web server uptime and latency monitoring, written in Golang. Designed with extensibility in mind through an easy to use plugin architecture.
  • Shisetsu – an RPC-like protocol on top of Redis, currently implemented in Python. Heavily inspired by ZeroRPC.

🕰 Older projects:

  • 2048-battle – Multiplayer implementation of the browser game 2048, implemented with
  • Katak – a Markov chain implementation served via Django. Takes in Twitter and Facebook data to generate a corpus.